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Athletics Coaching


Athletics coaching was introduced to our set of services at Desert Cubs to ensure that all our students gain the necessary amount of stamina needed to be top level sports persons as well as fit and healthy human beings

“Running is mostly thought of as a cardiovascular sport but it’s the muscles that do the work and the brain that ultimately controls everything,” By becoming more athletic you gain multiple benefits. First, you become more injury-resistant because your body learns how to move in multiple planes of direction instead of simply knowing how to run in a straight line. Secondly, your nervous system is really challenged so that it adapts and creates a more efficient connection from the brain to the muscles.”

Enjoy excellent fitness programs for all age groups during our athletics training.

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Tour of Engalnd - July 2017

We are delighted to inform you that Desert Cubs Cricket Academy (DCCA) will be organizing their annual cricket tour to England in July 2017. The tour is scheduled to take place from 21st July to 02nd August 2017. We are planning to take Beginners (Plastic Ball), Under 12, Under 14, Under 16, Under 18 and Ladies Team on this tour.

We are planning to play several matches with reputed schools and academies in England with one two day game for senior squads. The main aim of this international tour is to give the much needed exposure to different playing conditions to our aspiring young cricketers. Our mission is “to produce quality players who can respond well to the current and future challenges of domestic and international cricket.”

DCCA is one of the leading Cricket Coaching Academies in UAE with more than 700 young cricketers in the age groups of five to nineteen years. DCCA is a registered Academy in the UAE and has coaching Centre’s in Sharjah and Dubai. The DCCA coaching team comprises about forty qualified and experienced cricket coaches. We also work very closely with ICC Global Cricket Academy, Dubai and also a registered cricket academy under the auspices of Emirates Cricket Board.

Registration is now open. Click on the below link for online registration.